March 13, 2023

Thumb MRI is moving to Hills & Dales Healthcare

March 13, 2023

Hills & Dales Healthcare, Marlette Regional Hospital, and Scheurer Health, the owners of Thumb MRI, are excited to announce that Thumb MRI will be moving.

On Monday, March 13, construction and renovation began at Hills & Dales main hospital to accommodate the new home of Thumb MRI. The construction for the relocation will be in front of the emergency room department, where the ambulance bay is currently located. This renovation will include new MRI rooms and an ambulance entrance for the ER. The renovation is projected to be completed in September 2023. Thumb MRI will continue to operate out of its current location until this project is completed.

Andrew Daniels, President & CEO, says, “Hills and Dales is pleased to be able to host Thumb MRI as the three partners strive to continue to provide MRI services in the “thumb” of Michigan. Without this transition and the economies of scale it will bring, there was a real chance that patients would have had to travel outside of the thumb for MRI tests. I am so thankful for the forward-looking collective boards of our partner hospitals.”

To follow along with our progress, updates on this renovation will be located on our website at