Welcome to Hills & Dales Healthcare

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and learn more about our commitment to Excellence in Healthcare.

We are a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital located in Cass City, Michigan. We offer a full-range of quality inpatient and outpatient health services close to home.

Our Philosophy

Our vision and mission exemplify our Board of Trustees, staff, and physicians' commitment to embracing principles and values that are essential to the success of our organization.

We believe that attitude is a significant component in how others perceive our organization and that our response to situations, good and bad, reflects our organizational image within the community, patients, and employees. We are devoted to selecting and rewarding people who make possess and promote positive perceptions throughout our organization and community.

We believe that our reputation and organizational perception are determined by the customer service that we provide and we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients, their families and friends, co-workers physicians, and vendors.

We embrace the value of respect in the delivery of our patient care and within our organization by assuring that we provide courtesy, privacy and compassion to all our patients, their families, physicians, and employees at all times.

We believe that teamwork promotes excellence and accountability for our accomplishments towards achieving our mission and values. We practice team together and team apart and empower people to make decisions that promote our success.

We embrace quality and recognize that everything we do is a process and that it can be improved through simplification or standardization to enhance the delivery of excellent patient care and satisfaction. We provide opportunities for our staff and employees to improve their professional skills and promote the development of leaders throughout our organization.

We believe in our employees having fun at work and make every effort to reward and celebrate our successes and recognize team members who participate in achieving that success.