May 18, 2023

Hills & Dales Healthcare’s Donation will Help Beautify the City of Caro.

The streets of Caro will be filled with beautiful and colorful flowers this year! On Tuesday, May 16th, Andy Daniels, President & CEO at Hills & Dales Healthcare, presented a check to the City of Caro for $3,000 where all the proceeds will go to purchasing flowers to beautify the streets in Caro.

Andy Daniels, President & CEO stated, “As Tuscola County’s only locally owned and governed hospital, Hills and Dales is pleased to partner with the Caro Downtown Beautification effort to bring joy to the local community. We are pleased to continue to expand healthcare services to provide a choice for Caro residents.”

The flowers will be placed around the City of Caro on Memorial Day weekend for all to enjoy!

Pictured in the photo from left to right: Lauren Amellal, Director of Development; Sonya Otremba, Downtown Development Board Member; Andrew Daniels, Hills & Dales Healthcare President & CEO; Karen Snider, City of Caro Mayor; Scott Czasak, City Manager; Mike Bauerschmidt, Downtown Development Chairman.