August 03, 2023

Hills & Dales Host 2nd Fifth Saturday Event

The employees at Hills & Dales Healthcare participated in their second “Fifth Saturday” event! Fifth Saturday is an event that Hills & Dales created for employees and their families to connect and unite in an effort to make a difference in our community.

This Fifth Saturday focused on giving back to the communities in which we serve. Each employee was given a $100 bill to pay it forward. Here are some of the fantastic ways that money was used:

  1. Tipping the whole $100 to a waitress/waiter.
  2. Paying for someone’s groceries (where another individual paid it forwarded to someone else).
  3. Helped a cancer survivor pay for her bills from cancer treatments.
  4. Paying for someone to get their car washed.
  5. Visited a patient at MediLodge that did not have visitors often and bought them flowers.
  6. Purchased a shower chair for a patient who needed it.
  7. Gave the money to a family to pay for new clothing & school supplies for their children.
  8. Paid for an individual tank of gas.
  9. Put the donation towards the Cass City Theater for new chairs.
  10. Paid library fines for 3 individuals.

The employees at Hills & Dales were so excited to have the opportunity to give back to their community on behalf of Hills & Dales Healthcare.

Hills & Dales’ next “Fifth Saturday” event will be held in September. Check out Hills & Dales Healthcare’s website at for more pictures of this event.