November 29, 2023

Caro Family Practice is Moving!

On Monday, December 4th, one of Hills & Dales Healthcare’s medical clinics, Caro Family Practice, with providers Dr. Meghan Cherry and Norma Abbott, NP, will move to a new location! Don’t worry; they aren’t going far. The clinic will move to Hills & Dales’s new Rapid Care Building in Caro, which is on the east side of Caro near Walmart on M-81. The new address is 1048 E. Caro Rd, Caro.

With Caro Family Practice moving, the space they are currently in will become Hills & Dales Caro Specialty Clinic. Many specialists, both from Hills & Dales and other healthcare organizations, will be available for patients.

Hills & Dales staff members will contact patients scheduled for the week of December 4th to ensure they know that this clinic has moved. A picture is attached for a better idea of where the clinic is located.

For further information, please call Caro Family Practice at 989-672-1399 or visit Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare needs!