Funded Projects

Since 2014, the Foundation has funded more than $125,000 in purchases for various Hospital Departments.  Some of these items included:

Radiology Department:

  • New Blood Draw Chair
  • 2- Bariatric Waiting Room Chairs
  • TV for Pulmonary Rehab Education

Rehabilitation Department:

  • Matrix Rotary Hip Machine (used as treatment option for patients with hip, knee, back, and lower extremity diagnoses)
  • Power Adjustable Treatment Table

Operating Room:

  • Arthroscopy Instrument Set
  • Cabinet Blanket Warming Unit

Marketing Department:

  • New Adobe Computer Software

Infection Control Department:

  • Controlled Air Purifying Respirator Unit & Supplies (used in caring for patients with airborne diseases, such as tuberculosis, varicella, or measles, as well as MERS, SARS, and Ebola. They provide respiratory protection for employees involved in the care of these patients).

Food Services Department:

  • New Refrigerator Cold Case Cabinet

Cass City Medical Practice:

  • New Base Exam Table with leg crutches


These purchases will save each listed department thousands of dollars and will benefit our patients in many ways.  The items purchased are key to moving our hospital forward with the most updated equipment & technology.  The support to the Foundation allows this to happen.