Hills & Dales Respiratory Illness Update

The following is an update from Hills and Dales Healthcare as 11/8/2022 at 10:45 AM

Over the course of the last several weeks, Michigan has been experiencing a significant uptick of three specific viral infections – RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), COVID-19 and Influenza.   Currently, RSV is the predominate virus in and around Cass City.

Due to the high percentage of pediatric admissions, inpatient resources across the state of Michigan are strained.  As a result, most hospitals, including Hills and Dales, are completely unable or are severely restricted in their ability to transfer patients.  Statewide, pediatric intensive care hospital beds are now 89% full, according to data from the Michigan Health and Hospital Association and the state health department.

Further, rapid testing supplies for RSV are nearly non-existent across the country.   While testing for RSV confirms the presence of the specific virus, it does not necessarily dictate the treatment of RSV in our Emergency Room and outpatient clinics.  In addition to the shortage of RSV testing supplies, retail and hospital pharmacies are experiencing are experiencing a shortage of amoxicillin and Zithromax, which are both medications that are usually used for RSV and other respiratory type illnesses.

In the last 24 hours, our ED saw 31 patients and our afterhours clinic saw 30 patients many who are suffering from RSV and other similar virus infections.

We will continue to update you with information regarding the trends we are seeing both at Hills & Dales and within the state.