Hills & Dales Launches Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Hills & Dales General Hospital is excited to announce the launch of their Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Led by Exercise Physiologist Jonathan Winkel, the program is now accepting patients. With the support of a physician and respiratory therapist, Jonathan will partner with patients on their cardiac rehabilitation journey.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised outpatient program designed to improve your heart health after heart problems or surgery. It provides education, monitored exercise, guidance, and support to help you manage your heart condition and return to normal activities. Participants work with staff to develop an individualized treatment plan which provides opportunity for monitoring and better control of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Brenda McComb, BSRT, Manager of Cardiopulmonary Department notes, “We are absolutely thrilled to launch this program. We have been working behind the scenes for months and we cannot wait to provide this local option to our patients. So many times, we hear patients say they wish they didn’t have to drive to do their cardiac rehabilitation, and now they don’t. Cardiologist and providers can now refer patients to do their cardia rehab locally, which we know will increase the likelihood that they will complete the program.”

If you are interested in the cardiac rehabilitation program, you can ask your provider if you are eligible or call 989-912-6438 for any questions about the program. We are accepting referrals immediately and look forward to helping you improve your heart’s future. You can also visit www.hdghmi.org for additional information about the benefits of the cardiac rehabilitation program.