Hills & Dales Celebrates 60th Anniversary!

Hills & Dales General Hospital celebrated their 60th Anniversary on Friday, August 14th. Because of COVID-19, hospital staff had to get creative on how to celebrate safely with the community. The hospital decided to host a “Roll or Stroll” event and it was a huge success. Seeing over 300 people come through, hospital staff and departments set up tents around the perimeter of the hospital campus, and handed out giveaways, snacks, literature & much more! Many participants stayed in their vehicles and the staff handed items through the window, while a handful of others walked around the four block campus.

“What an absolutely wonderful celebration we had on Friday,” said Jean Anthony, President & CEO. “We never expected such a turnout. It was great to see so many familiar faces come through and a humbling reminder of the great community we are a part of.”

The idea to build a hospital in Cass City began in 1943 as something for a post-war project. Funds for the project were raised from the community over the next several years and construction of the new facility began in the late 1950’s. On August 15, 1960 Hills & Dales General Hospital opened its doors. It had a bed capacity of 57 beds with six active physicians on the medical staff. The day the hospital opened; a baby was born at 7:50 a.m.

Today, Hills & Dales Medical Staff includes 12 physicians encompassing the areas of Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery and Orthopedics. Additionally, we have 11 Nurse Practitioners who work beside our physicians in caring for our patients. We have clinics in Cass City, Caro, Kingston and Ubly and 2 Rehab Centers located in Cass City and Caro.

Hills & Dales also welcomes a variety of specialties to our Specialty Clinic each month including Cardiology, ENT (ear, nose, throat), Neurosurgery/Pain Management, Physical Medicine, Podiatry, Neurology/Sleep, and Urology.

Hills & Dales departments have received numerous awards and accreditations throughout the years. Employing over 350 people, Hills & Dales is one of the largest employers in Tuscola County. Hills & Dales is honored to be here for your healthcare needs, and we pride ourselves in providing quality care close to home.